Taking Stock

Literally, as per our latest count we have 430 copies left of Old Salty Dog: A Rhode Island Folk Tale.  As I have mentioned in the past, further editions of this book will bear the subtitle A New England Folk Tale as we endeavor to reach across state lines.  I want to make sure that everyone who wants this special RI edition gets one.  

Things are going well.  We had three good shows with Festival Fete, and are looking forward to a very busy October/November.  A couple of new and different things for anyone interested in new work; STORYTELLING is a collaboration between myself and Deb Hickey.  She created a series of photo collages and I wrote text pieces to accompany them.  The opening reception for this show will be at Chez Pascal, Monday October 27.

Come see me at Rhode Island Comic Con if you wanna see some oddities from the dark side of my imagination as well as the launch of my new project, you heard it here first, called WeirdOnauts.  Also available ONLY at Rhode Island Comic Con will be another collaboration, a short comic book created, written and painted by Gabriella Shelton, Age 10, with drawings and editing by me, Age 36.

That's it.