Drawing is cool

I'm on a roll, everybody.  New stuff in the online galleries, new stuff showing up in the holiday sales, new stuff getting worked on in the studio.  See, we moved into this house and I put all my stuff in my studio but it wasn't set up quite right and I didn't know what was wrong.  It got messy and I didn't like being in here.  Finally, right before Halloween, I had something I wanted to get done and I came in here, got frustrated and angry and spent a day cleaning and reorganizing.

 One of the major things that was really holding me back?  My lamp was on the wrong side of my drafting table.  Seriously.  It was on the left so I'd position my drawing to the left but my ink and brushes were on the right.  I kept swatting at the lamp and having to sidestep to dip my brush.  I moved the lamp to the right side of the table and it's been smooth sailing ever since.  Make of that what you will.  I can't look at it too closely myself, I just have to find that groove and try to stay in it or I end up walking by this room every day and glaring at it like it's taunting me.

We are down to about 300 copies of the Rhode Island edition of Old Salty Dog.  Tell your friends because when it's gone it's gone.  Ten years from now you'll be paying through the nose on ebay so you can say you were into it before the movie ruined it (everybody got mad when they cast the kid from Twilight as the Sea Serpent).